The Big Carousel team- About us

About us

What to say about us? Well, how much time do you have?

Two friends. One blonde the other brunette. Two cities. One friendship.

We met in college and got along instantly. Our love for fashion and beauty was the first step for a friendship that’s on the way to its 17th birthday.

Through the years we had shared laughter, argued, cried together and lived amazing and happy moments. And we continue to do that!

We have so many things in common and others that we are the opposite. But we share the most important – respect and understand each other.There’s no such thing as absolute truths. Opinions anyone can have and the most important is to live according to what we believe without hurting the others.

We have three kids each, and there’s no arguing about that – they’re the most important people in our lives!

This Blog will be about us. About fashion, lifestyle and food. Things we love and hopefully will inspire you.

It was something that we both wanted to do, but… there was always a but and the years had passed.

But now is the right time! Now we’re ready to go full speed with The Big Carousel Blog!

One of us prefers to be in front of the camera and the other on the back. But the work that you will see here will always be from the two of us:)

The Big Carousel Team – Ana and Mafalda