Embrace your wrinkles… Embrace yourself!

It’s not that i feel …because i don’t. But the truth is that i’m getting older and “things” are changing in my body, in my face and in my temper.

And that’s ok. Really it is. With the ageing also comes the confidence, the patience, the understanding, the “let it go” feeling. That feeling you develop when you had lived certain thing’s and allowed us to be more positive, to look for the easy “way out” of a problem. To see the bright side of life.

I accept the fact that I’m getting older. I accept the wrinkles and the gray hairs. For now…because they’re just a few, and so we’re still friends!

If i do anything to take care of me? YES ! I’m slim because that’s in my genetics, but i also work to maintain  a healthy body and good looking skin.

I don’ t have a miracle product or an amazing tip, but i’ll share with my healthy/beauty routines:

For the body – i go to the gym 2 days a week and one extra day for a Pilates class.

For my skin-  i wash my face with cold water, every single morning. Then apply any facial cream i have at home…No…i don’t use the same cream always. But if i had to choose one, that would be the ones from Caudalie. These products are great and not extravagantly expensive. But bottom line: hydration is the key! I also use an eye cream….just because I’m afraid, that if i use the regular facial cream my eyes could fall off 🙂

I also adapt the cream that i use, according to the weather. If it’s cold i use a more oily one, rather if it’s warm i prefer a serum.

If i said that i repeat these steps every single night  i would be lying… But you should try it if you had the time!

Besides these, i drink water. All the time. Whether just plain water or tea or the very trendy infused water.

I believe that if i treat my body with all my affection, he’ll keep on moving for a long time! And about my skin face, i’ll keep nourishing her and hydrating her and maybe just maybe, the wrinkles will have some mercy on me!

Oh …and about cellulite and stretch marks… I just gave up that fight. You can’t always win 🙂

(by Mafalda)

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  1. Hello Sandra,
    We really glad, just for the fact that you saw our blog!
    This is something very new and for now, we’re just going to promote it in an organic way. Between our friends and their friends! We hope in a near future we will need the help of a company to target more visitors!

    Mafalda and Ana

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