mothers and us!

Are we just like our mothers? Can it be?

Are we just like our mothers?

Can that be actually happening? Remember all that times, when our mothers were talking and yelling at you, and you were thinking – I’m never going to be like her!! Well, now after many years of maternity passed we must (or have to) assume some similarities…

Do you need some evidence? Ok, here they are:

  • You are always calling one of your children.
  • Sometimes you confuse their names. You keep saying the name wrong until there´s no more to fail.
  • You keep saying the names of their cereals wrong, or the name of their friends or the name of their toys…
  • There’s not a number that can count the times you use the word no.
  • Your natural way of talking to them is screaming. And that’s not necessarily because you’re mad at them, at least some of the times.
  • You criticize the clothes your children choose…i’m talking about girls and their unique fashion taste!
  • Oh, and what about the many times you say, turn off the lights or shut down the water! Do you think i’m a millionaire?

The point was taken, right?

The other face of this “i’m just like my mom” is that may mean that our kids are probably just like we were…So if we didn’t listen to all the yells, to all the no’s, we didn’t respond to them whenever they were calling, and we use whatever clothes we wanted…

Know was the time our kids would say:

-Point taken, Mommy! 🙂

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