elegant den's need to be expensive!

Elegant doesn’t need to be expensive!

Elegance vs Expensive

First of all, we just like to say sorry for not giving news for the last weeks. As moms, sometimes it’s so difficult to conceal our lives, with work, family and time for us or the blog, is just impossible!

With that said, it was our wish to make this post for a while, since we think it would be very helpful, for all the women. Sometimes we just want to look more elegant, but because we don’t own the Channel, Louboutins or Gucci, don’t have a personal make-up artist or hairdresser, we think that’s is impossible to achieve.

Here are a few tips, to help you look more elegant!

  1.  If your hair is not looking good, just tie it in a ponytail or a braid!
  2. Choose a bag with some structure. They typically look more expensive, even if they aren’t 🙂
  3. A clutch is always an option for a more glamour look. Day or night.
  4. If you are not into heels, go flat! Pointed toe or ballerinas, you choose!
  5. Stilletos or pumps! They’re  elegance common sense!
  6. For those days when you can’t find anything that looks good on you, just go under cover! A trench coat is always a good option.
  7. Mascara and nail polish, are the elegance fast food. In a few minutes, your look will be much more refined.
  8. A pair of Sunglasses are a great friend. They help to hide all the sleepless nights and make you feel more glamour!
  9. Finally, choose a steel ( or that looks like), watch. They are always trendy and look good with almost any style



All the details about this mood board here: Mood board for an elegant look! – Polyvore

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