Energy Water

Energy Water, to start the day the best way!

The Big Carousel team is all for the natural drinks. The more natural they are the better.

There’s nothing like starting your day, with this super easy to do drink, that will give you  that energy boost you so desperately need!

This drink is nothing but infused water with natural flavors. You really can adapt it, with the fruits or vegetables you prefer. We do recommend always using lemon in the “morning drinks”.

Energy Water
Energy water!


Cut 1 slice of Lemon and 1 slice of Lime in quarters add Leafs of Mint and Basil, 1 or 2 drops of Stevia (it’s a natural sugar) and 500 ml of Water.

Mix everything in a bottle. We recommend the Define Bottle (, because separate de water from the fruit, it’s easy to carry and has a very cool design.

Now you’re ready to start you day!

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