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Express Beauty, for a healthy and good looking face!

The Case of the Express Beauty…

Ok, you’re not into makeup or don’t know how to used it, so you just leave home with a face free of beauty products? That’s you?

Well, it may be you…but hey, sometimes the work, the children or the amount of hours that you sleep, that are far from being what your body needs…All that results in a not so healthy and good looking face. That’s the truth!

We’re not talking about heavy makeup, but some 10 minutes or less, of a daily beauty routine.

We divided women,  into two types of moods for beauty: the “all for it” and the ” really? all that?”

The first mood is for all that can and want to look good, natural and healthy and don´t mind to wake up a few minutes earlier to have their beauty routine.

The second mood is for the women that are really really, not taking care of themselves as they should 🙂 Come on ladies! This is not about looking good for the others, is looking good for yourself! So even if you don’t like using makeup because it’s not natural, we take that into consideration and we beg you to just take 3 steps of this routine!

Express Beauty
Beauty Mood Board


The Routine Steps:

1-Wash your Face, we prefer with cold water.

2-Apply the BB/Tinted moisturizing cream and if you use an eye cream ( we recommend). If you don’t appreciate this kind of creams, just choose a simple moisturizing without any color. Brands that we love: Filorga, Caudalie, Nars, Bobbi Brown…

3 -If you have dark circles under your eyes, please feel free to use a corrective concealer. That will take years away from your face 🙂 One of the best concealers we have tried is the one from Armani Cosmetics.

4-In case you live in a country where the sun is always shining,  you can skip this step if you don’t you can use a bronze powder to give you a beautiful sun touched face! Don’t forget to insist extra brushes in your cheeks. The brand for Bronze Powder? Guerlain of course.

5-Mascara, a must must have. Black, brown, transparent… Whatever you want, just use it! Lâncome; MAC or Maybelline are a good option!

So?? is it too difficult? If you still think that this is too much, we beg you to just take the steps number 1, 2 and 5 ( and please give a try to step 3 if you really need it…)

But we would love to know, that you’re willing  to go trough all of the routine 🙂

(Of course, we know that every skin is different and some need special products and care. If that’s your case, please send us an e-mail that we can advise you about other beauty tips and options.)


And last but not least, pay attention to your nails! Even if you’re not a Picasso painting nails, if you choose a nude color it will be easier to paint.

About the hair, if you’re a “ponytail” kind of person, that’s ok for us, but take into consideration the color of the elastic band, should be the same color of your hair. For a more feminine look, we suggest an elastic hair barette ( see the example in the beauty mood board above).

Now go and get pretty!

PS Don’t forget do drink water, All day long. Your body and face will thank you!

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