Beauty Food!

It’s food for the skin!

It’s food for the skin!

And what’s the best part? It’s already cooked 🙂 The thing with aging, is that you start looking to beauty products as allies. They became your best friends!

Even if you don’t respect your beauty routine every single day, there’s always some days in the week you dedicate your skin a couple of minutes.

There are products expensive, others that are cheap; there are the ones “out of our league” and others that fit our budget. There’s not a universal law, which says that the more expensive, the better. Honestly, it’s your type of skin and genetic that do a grand part of the job, but nevertheless, we believe the some creams are a great help, maintaining your skin healthy and in perfect shape!

We are all different and have disparate opinions and likes, and in this blog that’s no exception! We are two friends and in this specific theme, we are the opposites. One has a very “easy” skin and the other don’t.

And so, for that reason this post addresses to all who have a good skin and no particular condition. For those who want to make sure that are buying a good product that makes you skin gorgeous.

Well, Filorga does it all! The products are great, although not exactly cheap, but hey, once in a while you deserve a treat 🙂 They have a nice smell, not too perfumed, and they blend into your skin perfectly.

This French beauty brand has all the creams: for wrinkles, for the dry, oily or tired skin… Has a nonabrasive peeling that leaves your skin glowing and the BB cream is just perfect!

It’s a big yes to Filorga!

Beauty Food!

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