Mafalda’s “Famiglia” !

Well…i want to introduce me and my family in the shortest way, so I’ve decided to write only a few sentences for each member in the hope you’ll keep reading this post 🙂

I’m Mafalda, 37, social media manager, love animals except big rats and cockroaches. I’m the “zen” person at home but unfortunately, that gene wasn’t passed to my offspring!!

A Familia da Mafalda/ Mafalda's Family
Mafalda’s Family

Pedro, 39, owns a pet farm just next to our home. He’s a magnet to children and off course, our children are crazy about him ( yes I’m jealous of that!). He has a big heart and a “big” temper…if you know what I mean:)

Inês, 10, almost 11, a real pre-teen. She is always smiling and laughing. I mean always! ( well.. as she’s approaching her teenage years, i’m suspecting this is about to change!) She wants to be an actress as long  has she doesn’t have to sing! She loves animals, and could eat sushi for all her life.

Pedro, 3, almost 4, a freshman at the local pre-school. He loves Star Wars, Iron Man, Batman… Well, he loves superheroes! He’s got quite a temper, but most of the time he’s the sweetest kid I know.

Carlota, 1, almost 2. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it! She’s our petit hurricane.  Her role model is her brother and she is a real tomboy, but always in a dress!

Then we have our pets, which are off course part of the Family:

The dogs: Abril, Molly and Raff and the Cats: Ninja and Khallesi “Mother of Dragons ( yes, we’re Game of Thrones fans!)

We live in a small village, near Lisbon (Portugal) in a farm that has more than 100 years. Our children spend most of their free time playing outside and enjoying what Mother nature has to offer them!

They’re very lucky kids. We’re a very lucky family.

We are not perfect, but we don’t intend to be. We have our flaws. Our problems. We do not always get along with each other. We’re not always smiling and our children don’t behave well all the time.

No, we are not perfect, but that’s why we are so Perfect!

(by Mafalda)

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