Really sleep more :)

23-year-old me, here’s a letter from you in 2016!

Dear past 23-year-old me, there’s so  much i could say to you…

I could tell you how your life is going to be in 14 years, or tell you all the things that you shouldn’t do that could affect your future….But hey, i don’t want to be a spoiler 🙂

But because i’m such a nice person, i can give you some pieces of advice. You will thank me later!

-Sleep more. Really i mean it, sleep more.

-Travel (even more). I see traveling as a form of education as it opens your mind, for other cultures and life perspective.

-Don’t bother if you don’t have 100 friends. Just cherish the ones you have.

-I can tell you, that you are going to be a mom. Not the perfect mom, but you will be perfect for them.

-Buy one..or two very good pieces of clothes/accessories. Once you have kids, whether you don’t have the money to buy them, or just don’t have the time to go shopping…or, in the worst case scenario, both.

-Never say never, especially to your mom. You will not imagine how many times you are going to hear her saying: Oh, know you like that???

-Get mad sometimes. People do that. Really is therapeutic sometimes.

-Sleep more. I say that again, in case you didn’t read the first advice.

-Changing can be a scary thing…but sometimes it’s good and necessary. You will understand this in the future.

I realize know, that this list could have so many more lines, but you know what? I’m sleepy 🙂

I’m sleepy 🙂


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