Mom jeans? I don’t think so!

mom jeans
Mom jeans? I don’t think so!

I love fashion and know that trends make the fashion world go round and yes, inevitable, i fall into fashion trends like a duck in the water! But and it’s a big but not all the trends are wearable especially if you are 1.64 cm.  Most of the times, you can adapt trends to your type of body and “work” it in the best possible way.

In my humble opinion, Mom Jeans are the most unflattering piece of cloth I’ve ever seen or tried. I don’t understand how the “Gods of Fashion” allowed that comeback!

I’ve tried one pair and i looked at me for several minutes trying to find one tiny positive argument… But zero. My mind went blank. I laugh at me and promise myself that i would never “hurt” my body again!

Mom Jeans make me feel shorter and fatter. UGLIER!

So listen, Mom Jeans…I’m a Mom of 3 kids… Sometimes i already feel fatter, shorter and ugly so i don’t need one pair of jeans, like you, to help me feel worst 🙂

Mom Jeans, you’re so banned from my closet!

PS- And I’m sorry tall women, i also don’t think you look good on Mom Jeans too…


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