Please stop growing up my daughter!

My oldest daughter just turned 11.  Eleven… Now was the time i would’ve write – and it was only yesterday that she came into this world…But no, it was not yesterday, it was 11 years ago. I was 26 and now I’m …not 26 anymore!

Inês, it’s her name, just like her aunt. She’s was born on a Saturday at 6:03 PM precisely. She didn’t want to come out…or i didn’t want her to come out.Cumplicity

I remember the pain so well. I remember my mother in the hospital room and Inês father (now my ex-husband) coming in and out of the room, because of the doctors that came see me every 5 minutes.

I remember saying to my mother- I can’t stand it anymore. Her birth labor only took 3 hours from the time the doctor induced it until Inês was born. But if you ask me it seemed like 24 hours. I realized then, how lucky I was.

So my world did change, at precisely 6:03 PM. This tiny person became, just with a few seconds of life, the most important person in my life.

What you live as a first time mom, is challenging but at the same time the most amazing experience in a woman life. It’s not the love I’m talking about because I love all my children the exact same amount! I love them all to the moon and back…

But with your first child, everything is new. The crying, the holding, the carrying, the breastfeed, the diapers, the dressing a tiny body…the bath time and I could go on for many more sentences. But I think you get what I’m trying to say.

My oldest daughter marked the beginning of my life as a “real”  adult. She changed me in so many ways…. I’ve needed to grow up faster than I was expecting. I had to reorganize my life and prioritize her.

She gave me stretch marks, she “killed” my amazing belly (yes baby, you and your brother and sister are the reason I can’t wear crop tops anymore!!), she gave me many sleepless nights. She almost gave me a heart attack when she went to ICU, with a strong bronchiolitis.

She just turned 11 and she’s in the path of becoming a wonderful person, with flaws and qualities that make her unique. She just turned 11 and already she had given me the most amazing present of all: the feeling of unconditional  love.

I love you honey bunny. Now please stop growing up …you’re making me feel old 🙂

(by Mafalda)

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