black and yellow!

Reflecting the sun with a very yellow look!

Reflecting the sun…

That’s how i felt when i saw these pair of yellow trousers! It was not love at first sight because frankly i could have a closet full of black, white and grey pieces ( and jeans, of course!). And a few years ago that’s all i had.

But with the ageing, come some colour tolerance and some bright tones had started to appear in my looks.

I’m still not “all in” for an all colourful look, and that’s why i’d paired these yellow trousers with my comfort colour – black. The perfect is that the ethnic jacket had some yellow details that get along with the bottom part!

You should use colour as you like, in the quantity that makes you feel good. Just be aware if you don’t want to be the centre of all the attentions you should choose some colourful details, instead of all colourful look.

One thing is a pink dress, another is several pink pieces in one look 🙂

Reflecting the sun with a yellow look


black and yellow!


Zara Jacket (from past collection)

Elogy by El Corte Inglés Trousers

Truffle Sandals on Asos

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