Swimsuits to die for!

Swimsuits and aging: Is there a relation?

Swimsuits and aging…

Is there a relation between these two? Well, at least for me there is!

The cycle of my beach style went for a diaper, to all naked, to just a bottom, to a swimsuit and finally in my 15’s to a bikini.

But now, at 38, after three children and after not recovering my sexy post-pregnancy abs ( the rest of my body isn’t that bad 😉 ), i’ve come back to a swimsuit.

It might sound sad, but it’s really not. I’ve come to realize that a swimsuit is as sexy and even more elegant than a bikini.  Although i’m still young…or youngish..i’m not of the opinion that this makes me look older or out of fashion.

For all that matters you should use whatever you like, but with some “logic”.

Sometimes you might look great in a bikini, and sometimes you will look better in a swimsuit. Accept that and you will rock on the beach this summer!

(i’m sorry for the absence in the blog for in the last month…too much work in the “real world”)


Swimsuits to die for!


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