The Fashion girl, the store and the sales!

The story about a girl named Fashion

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Fashion, that lived in a beautiful country with her dad Mr Wallet and her evil stepmother Mrs Bank Account.

The times were not easy and the money was not enough, at least for all the things Fashion wanted…But her dad always tried to make her little girl happy and sometimes gave her a magic card named Visa, that had the power of giving whatever she desired. Of course without the knowing of the evil stepmother!

The relationship between Fashion and Bank Account was not peaceful, except during sales period. In those amazing days, the stepmother relaxed a little bit more and all the family lived in harmony.

Sales would mean more clothes, shoes, bags….more everything, that turned Fashion into the happiest person on earth!

But in one special shopping day, everything changed.

Fashion went to her favorite store named French Connection, and as she enters the store she felt something strange…She got scared but still walked through until she was close to the sales items. She found a lot that she liked and was “dating” for a long time, like that blue Kiko Stitch Embroidered dress and a La Boheme Embellished Jacket and a to die for Caos Leather Studded Biker Jacket!

Although she was very happy and with a big smile on her face, she never stopped feeling something was wrong…and it was. So wrong and bad and horrific: The New Collection items.

And then the world just stopped for a second and Fashion just cruised around these new beautiful clothes, and shoes and bags and…It was like she was daydreaming and so amazed with everything!

She went back home with her eyes glowing and a smile bigger than the sky.

In that moment Mr Wallet and the evil stepmother Mrs Bank Account, looked at each other and said:

-Fuck. She did it again!




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