This is so true...most of the days!

Therapy? Really?

-Therapy can help you. You should definitely try it!

(context: conversation about how sometimes is so difficult to raise our kids)

Well…we don’t know where to start dissecting that sentence, said by a male psychologist.

There’s so much we want t say to this man, especially after the school winter break…

Here we go:

Dear Mr. Psychologist,

We’re sure that you need to work, and more therapy sessions would be great to your wallet, but in terms of the “day to day” routine with our kids, i don’t see where that can help us.

Therapy doesn’t cook for us, doesn’t gave them a bath, don’t put them to sleep. Therapy doesn’t play with them or calm them when they’re scared or sick.

No, therapy doesn’t allow us to stay in bed when we’re supposed to be on vacations. It also doesn’t help us when our kids want every single toy from the store and make a huge scene about it.

And in those days that our kids are saying no to everything, it’s not the therapy that will help us…no it’s not!

We’re sure therapy is great and can really help in many cases, but please to say that to a mom that is in the middle of the kids school break and  is so tired and with zero tolerance for stupid comments.


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