flowers for valentine day

Valentine’s Day and flowers…such a cliché!

Flowers for Valentine’s…is such a cliché but you know what? It works! Even for the least romantic women, a beautiful bouquet or just one flower is always welcome. It’s a double present because it’s for you and for your home 🙂

Well, we thought about flowers and because not all of us can have a Valentine’s dinner, we created a look for a lunch date.

A short dress and boots. Depending where you live, you can pair it with a long or 3/4 coat, a denim jacket, a leather jacket or just the dress alone! For shoes and following the same idea, you can also use some over the knee boots or some roman style flat sandals. You could also use this dress with a pair of beige Converse sneakers. But hey, it’s Valentine…

The flower print dress was a big thing the past season, so we’re sure you can pull one off your closet! It may be short, midi or long. It doesn’t matter!

This Zara dress from last summer collection, it’s just perfect for this special lunch! It’s sexy but with a touch of romance….

Happy Valentine’s!

flowers for valentine's day

flowers for valentine's day

flowers for valentine's day

Zara dress

Yokono Boots


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