Nude and Bright, a match made in haven!

The soft bling version of Jeans, Sweater and Sneakers.

The “traditional” look of jeans, sweater and a pair of sneakers doesn’t have to be just that. The answer to elevate it is bling it, but in a soft way!

For this outfit, we had chosen 2 pieces with bright fabrics: the sweater and the sneakers and complement it with a nude scarf and a classic Ray-Ban sunglasses.

We must say that we’re  kind of obsessed with the nude color palette! Besides the scarf, there’s a nude nail polish and phone cover. It’s such a calm color, that goes amazing with the bright pieces of the look.

20-06 2

Nude and Bright, a match made in haven!


Zara Jeans

 Converse Sneakers

 Zara Scarf

Ray-Ban Sunglasses (Aviator)

Phone Cover ( upss, we don’t know!)

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