White and Coral!

On board with an white and coral look!

White and Coral

Any trip even the short ones, deserves a comfy look. Even by car, train or plain you can look good without using stilettos and super sexy (that many times are not that comfortable…) clothes!

We love white, not as much as black, but we do love an all white look. The thing is that with kids, it’s like an impossible mission to maintain that whiteness… but because this was a free kids trip it was a perfect choice:)

About the coat, it’s ideal for this season. It’s not too warm but at the same time, it’s perfect for windy days like this was. We advise you to buy a coat like this, it will be a saviour for almost any look!

White and Coral!


White and Coral!


French Connection Sweater

Stradivarius Jeans

Vila Spring Coat

Asos big Scarf

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Adidas Superstar Sneakers

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