your wish is an order #3

Your wish is an order #3

Your wish is an order #3

Tom boy boots in a girly look 🙂

(inspired in Gabriela S.)

So… this was a challenge! The request for this edition of the “your wish is an order”segment, was two create two looks: one for the day and another for a dinner with friends, where the “it” piece was a pair of Timberland boots.

Because Gabriela is a mother of two small kids, the day look  had to be practical and comfortable and we have chosen a big bag to go with it, so she can put all the kids stuff inside:) Like the Mary Poppins bag!

For the night, we have chosen a cool leather jacket, a fringed clutch and to a sexier look, we suggested a red gloss lipstick.

Both looks have in common, a pair of skinny jeans, the white shirt, the necklace  and, of course, the boots!

Gabriela loved it! What about you?

your wish is an order #3


See all the look details here Tom boy boots in a girly look 🙂 – Polyvore

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